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About the artist

Yana is an interdisciplinary  artist, award winning designer, art director, art instructor and maker of things. Experienced visual communicator and strategic thinker, who activates projects and maximizes resources. A curious person who pursues various creative fields and mediums with positive energy and contagious enthusiasm. Collector of life experiences, art seeker, and globe trekker.

As a designer, Yana is highly skilled in branding, client and internal communication, creative team and vendor management, project and budget management, while collaborating with teams to ensure a great outcome.

Yana is also a visual artist who uses an interdisciplinary approach of painting, sculpting and weaving to create installations that connect to nature.She embraces unfamiliar medium which creates a certain chaos in the process and forces her to think differently about how unpredictable materials can behave.Her experimentations lead to discovery and her work investigates a personal connection to the natural world, how she is a part of it and an observer of it at the same time. She likes to shift the interpretation of her art installations to the viewer for a multifaceted reflection and experience. 



BFA in graphic fine art and design/illustration

Art Institute of Boston, WCSU,

2 yr Art programme in London


How Magazine Merit Award

Print Magazine Merit Award

Two Silver Addy 3D Direct Marketing Awards

Association of Graphic Communications Technical Excellence Award.

Was featured in Time Out New York and multiple blogs

Participated in Pop ups, Indie handmade shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Montclair including Greenpointers, Chelsea Market Etsy Handmade Calvacade, BUST magazine and more

Member of Indie Arts Montclair 

Member of Montclair Design Group

Member of NY Etsy Team

Member of Studio Montclair 

Featured in Time Out, various blogs and Montclair Times

Facilitated workshops at The Creativity Caravan

Taught Skillshare classes

Taught classes at the Adult School at the Montclair Public Library 

Exhibited work at individual and group art shows at Montclair Art Festival, Montclair Art Alliance, Montclair Art Walks, Montclair Public Library, completed an artist residency, initiated public art projects and continue to collaborate with local artists 



conceptual design, clear communication, team-building and positive leadership, ability to activate and motivate, strategic problem-solving, project management, ability to connect with client and brand to ensure a positive experience and exceptional outcome, maximize all the possible resources and work within budget and deadlines

Proficiency in Adobe CS (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop) Pre-press, Print

Concept, design, and implementation of projects for multiple clients from small boutique firms to Fortune 500 companies including Film/TV, Art Organizations,Non-profit,Fashion,Luxury goods,Consumer products,Pharmaceutical,IT, Finance,Healthcare and Law. Ability to create fresh brand identity, attractive and engaging marketing materials and exhibition displays with strong design aesthetic based on existing brand standards. Take the initial idea through final deliverables while applying knowledge of design,color, typography, print production/pre-press, packaging and exhibit graphics.

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